Family tree book example prices


How much will it cost to publish my family history in a high-quality hardback book?

The answer depends on a lot of factors, it’s best to contact us on a no-obligation basis to discuss your exact requirements.

To give you an idea of prices for books this table shows prices per copy where:

  • you send us a Word or PDF file containing your family history and photos, see guidance notes
  • book comes with plain dust-jacket with 3 lines of text
  • no A3 chart
  • no gold-foil crest or spine
  • book contains 30 black and white pages, and 10 pages containing colour  (note: one page is one side of a sheet of paper)
Number of copies
you order
These additional items are priced per copy.
Book price
per copy
Upgrade to
Upgrade to
Add a
fold-out A3
colour chart
Add gold-foil
on front
Add gold-foil
on spine
1 copy £76.65 £27.00 £147.00 £17.25 £76.50 £91.50
2 copies £49.65 £13.50 £73.50 £9.75 £39.00 £46.50
3 copies £40.65 £9.00 £49.00 £7.26 £26.50 £31.50
4 copies £36.15 £6.75 £36.75 £6.00 £20.25 £29.00
5 copies £33.45 £5.40 £29.40 £5.25 £16.50 £19.50
10 copies £28.05 £2.70 £14.70 £3.75 £9.00 £10.50
20 copies £25.35 £1.35 £7.35 £3.00 £5.25 £6.00
  • Multiple colour fold-out A3 charts can be added at the same cost as the first, probably 2 or 3 charts is a practical maximum.
  • Adding extra pages has little effect on price:
    • add 2 black and white pages at 9p per copy
    • add 2 pages with colour at 36p per copy

Please note: please allow at least two weeks for books to be produced – this is what we need to produce a product at the appropriate standard.

Postage and packing guidance

These prices are for guidance and are for a 120 page book. If your book is less than 120 pages then postage will likely cost less than shown here.

When calculating the cost of your book based on the required content we will calculate the cost of postage and show this in the quote so that you know the exact cost before you commit to purchase.

Number of copies ordered UK postage Europe Rest of World
1 copy £6.00 £8.25 £14.25
2 copies £5.25 each £7.50 each £13.50 each
3 copies £4.50 each £6.75 each £12.75 each
4 copies £3.35 each £6.00 each £12.00 each
Subsequent copies £1.50 each contact us contact us
  • UK – Single copies are sent by UK first class post, multiple copies are sent by parcel post.
  • O/s – All copies are sent by air with Royal Mail
Family history PDF guidance

Prices above include formatting your Word or PDF file ready-to-print. If you provide us with GEDCOM and images to format into a format suitable for printing, we charge £25 per hour for this service, but we will provide you with an obligation-free quote before any work starts so that you know exactly how much your book will cost (in most cases it will only take an hour or two to create a PDF ready-to-print).

Family history books – multiple orders

Please note that if you place an order for books, then within 30 days order more copies without any change to the content of your book, your second order price per book will be reduced so that the total price you pay for the two orders will be as if you had only placed a single order. For example, if you order a single book at a cost of £45.10 (plus p&p), then within 30 days you order two more copies, the total cost of your three copies of the book will be £23.77 per copy, however note that postage and packing will be payable separately on the two orders.

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