Family tree book dust-jackets


Various styles of dust jackets are available for your customised family tree book. These are printed on high-quality paper and laminated with a high gloss film for extra protection, adding eye-catching impact to your book.
Please click each image to see a larger image of the dust-jacket.

Plain dust-jacket with standard text.
Plain dust-jacket with set text This dust-jacket is included with your family tree book, it includes the text “Our Family History”. Alternatively, you can upgrade to one of the personalised dust-jackets shown below.
Dust-jacket with fully customised design Dust-jacket with personalisation
Dust Jacket - Example of Fully Personalised This option is entirely up to you, send us some images and text and we’ll put them on your dust-jacket. The example is here is purely for illustration, the text and pictures/design would be replaced with your own material. Dust Jacket with minor personalisation This option adds your family name to the text, you can add your family crest and a portion of a map from anywhere in the world. You need to supply us with the family crest image and instruction for the map image area.

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