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Dust Jacket with minor personalisationOur Family Tree Books are full colour hardback books which can contain any number of pages. The books are high quality, bound with a leatherette case and have a full colour laminated dust cover as a recommended optional extra.

You can have whatever you like on each page, such as photos, drawings, charts, biographies, the list is endless.


See our demonstration video for examples of Family Tree Books pages and our example content to get some ideas on how you could publish your family history (if using iPad please view example content here).

You can create the pages of your Family Tree Books yourself or we will design them for you. Most genealogy software packages, GEDCOM files, Word files or PDF files are acceptable to us. Please contact us for advice on the best ways to compile your Family Tree Books. See guidance notes on preparation for printing.

The price of your book will depend on a number of factors, mainly the number of copies of your book that you order, and the number of pages in the book. A table of example prices is available as a guide or you can get a quote now.

A Family Tree Book makes the perfect gift that the recipient will treasure for the rest of their lives and pass on to their descendants, and the more books that you order the lower the unit cost becomes.

The options are:

  • number of books to be printed and bound
  • total number of pages per book
  • number of colour pages
  • number of monochrome pages
  • optional family crest on book cover
  • optional printing on book spine
  • optional dust-jackets, available in a variety of styles
  • optional fold-out A3 chart(s)
  • postage and packing

Price is affected by the type of file you send us, e.g. a pre-formatted Word or PDF file with photos in place will have a lower cost than sending us a GEDCOM and separate photos, which in turn would be lower than supplying us with manuscripts and photographic prints for us to scan and format.

Because of the wide variety of options we always do personalised quotes for Family Tree Books. If you would like a free no-obligation quote, please complete the contact us form with details of the number of books that you’re considering ordering, what options you might be interested in, and what type of file you’ll be sending us (GEDCOM, Word or PDF). You can even attach a copy of your files so that we can estimate the number of pages when quoting. We will get back to you with a quote as soon as we can.

Your family tree book – demonstration video

We have a demonstration video showing a sample book with descriptions of book content and optional features.

Your family tree – GEDCOM and photos guidance

If you send us a GEDCOM and digital images for us to format into a format suitable for printing, we charge £25 per hour for this work. This normally only takes an hour or two, before any work begins we will send you a quote so that you know the full cost, see example prices for more information or get a quote now.

Once we have sent you a quote and you have agreed the quote and paid, then we will send you a copy of the book in PDF format so that you can check the contents and make sure you’re happy before we print your book.

Your family tree – PDF file guidance

If you have your GEDCOM and photos in a PDF or Word file you can get a quote now or see our example prices. Our prices include preparing your documentto be ready-to-print. You don’t have to worry about size of page, margins and so on.

Once the quote is agreed and paid we will print your books, and send them to you by post or courier.

Refunds and replacements

Our refund policy is described in our terms and conditions as “your right to cancel”. Please note that once customised books are printed you cannot cancel your order. We will replace any defective goods or goods damaged in transit, including cost of return postage, provided that you contact us prior to returning goods and obtain a returns authorisation.

Please note that we will not proof-read or correct errors in your GEDCOM or PDF file, if we happen to see any errors we’ll let you know and ask for a correction, but you should be confident that the information you send us is correct.

Please note: please allow at least two weeks for books to be produced – this is what we need to produce a product at the appropriate standard.

  2 Responses to “Family tree books”

  1. My wife and myself through this past year, have traced our family histories through the services of a genealogist..
    As a result we have four family histories containing 317 pages including photos, charts,documents etc..I have a thumb drive which contains copies of the various family histories in WORD & PDF format as well as copies of pretty much all of the photos, maps that are found throughout the documents. I would now like to bind these pages into a family history book, and include pull-out family tree charts. I would like your opinions on the layout as it now stands and improvements that could be made. Do you provide these services and if so the approx cost of 10-15 books. Thank you

    • Many thanks for you enquiry, I hope the following points shall assist you.

      I am more than happy to comment on your layout (you will need to give me sight of it first, of course) and suggest improvements that are purely of my opinion.

      From your enquiry I am assuming that you shall be supplying printed pages. If this is not the case please contact me and I will give you a separate instruction.

      I am also assuming that you wish to have the books case bound (hardback). Do you wish anything printed or Gold/silver blocked onto the case? Would you like a printed dust jacket? Please note: We only bind A4 size pages.

      The cost for binding 10 (pre-printed) case bound books (excluding blocking, dust jacket and delivery) is £8.00 per books. For a quantity of 15 books the cost is £7.35 per book.

      If you require any further help, just ask.

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