Publish my Family History

Why publish my family history?

It is an extremely satisfying feeling to see the result of all your investigative work on your family history published in a hardback book or as a colourful chart. Not only do you get the satisfaction of seeing your family history research published, the family history book or chart is also a great gift item for family members and other relatives.  Family history has a lot more meaning when it’s shared.

If you’re family is planning a reunion or there is a special family event coming up, such as grandparents wedding anniversary, what could be better than to be able to give relatives a professionally printed copy of the family history. For example, this website tells the story of the publishing of the Baker Family History Book.

If you are planning to publish your family history in a book, the first thing to do is to produce an “Ancestral Book” report from your family history software.  This will give you a lot of content for your book. You can then look at adding other content to your book, you could  ask other family members if they would like to contribute some content, for example grandparents might like to write something about their childhood or the house or neighbourhood they grew up in. Other additional sections you might add to your book are:

  • a section on old family recipes
  • war records of ancestors are especially interesting to relatives
  • stories of ancestral migration
  • sporting, business or other notable achievements of ancestors

It’s also a good idea to include certificates in your book, such as educational certificates and birth / death / marriage certificates.  If you have copies of old letters they can either be scanned and included as images of the originals, or if the handwriting is difficult to decipher you can transcribe the text and present the content in clear print.

How Much Will it Cost?

People who want to publish a book ask that question first. It is a simple question, but there is no simple answer.  We have a table showing prices based on all of the available options and we will be happy to give you a free no-obligation quote and discuss with you the various options available. The two most important factors are: how many pages will there be in your book and how many copies do you want to print?

The cost per book reduces dramatically when multiple copies are ordered. If other family members want to be involved they might be interested in ordering a copy for themselves which reduces the cost per copy.


If you have family photographs available include as many of the older photographs as you can, people love to see these black and white images of ancestors. Photographs can be placed appropriately throughout the text, or placed in a picture section in the middle or back of the book. If placed within the text, it’s wise to put the photographs as close as possible to the text about the people in the photo. If possible scan the pictures at at least 300 dpi to ensure good quality reproduction in print.  Be sure to include short but adequate captions that identify each picture – people, place, and approximate date. If you don’t have the software, skills, or interest in scanning photos yourself, we can scan your photos into digital format, and enlarge, reduce, and crop them to fit your layout, if you think you will need us to do that for you, we will give you a fixed price quote for that work so that you know the cost before you agree to start.


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