If you wish to send us a collection of smaller files, you can use this upload form on our site to send them to us. Only files of up to 2 megabytes each in size can be uploaded. This will be sufficient for digital photos, GEDCOM files, digital certificates etc.

If you already have a PDF file formatted ready-to-print, this will probably be much bigger than the 2 megabyte limit. We use an external service named sizablesend.com – you can use this to send larger files to us. You do not need to register with any website to use this service. The service includes password protection of your file if required. To use this service follow these steps:

  • click the link to open the sizablesend.com website
  • enter your email and our email (you can obtain our email address by contacting us)
  • click the more options button, then
  • if you wish to password protect your file, click “password protect files” and enter your password then click “include password in email”
  • click “include a message” and enter a brief message containing the family name of your family tree
  • click “email me download confirmations”
  • click “auto delete files after download”
  • click “Select Files” to select the file to send, as soon as you do this the file will be uploaded

You can confirm that the file has uploaded by clicking the link that appears ater the words “Short URL”. Don’t click the “Download” link else you will download your own file.

Once we download the file we will be in touch to confirm that we have it.

NB. If you have a lot of small files to send us, you can put them together in a ZIP format file and send to us using the sizablesend.com website, but please inform us beforehand that you wish to do this. To protect our own computer systems we will not download a ZIP file unless arranged in advance.