Nov 072011

We have introduced a new range of products – blank sticker charts. With these charts you can print labels on your own printer and then stick the labels onto the chart. This minimises the risk of error and means you don’t have to worry about the quality of your handwriting. If you prefer you can write on the labels rather than printing, this still reduces the risk of errors – make a mistake and you only waste one label, not the entire chart.

These charts come in two styles:

  •  the Creative range – this comes with white labels so you can print coloured backgrounds (for example, colour code by generation) or other background styles such as flags or insignia. These charts come in 7 or 8 generation double bow-tie format.
  •  the Heirloom range – this comes with transparent labels and the charts have a decorative background. These charts come as in traditional right-oriented ancestral pedigree format, also in left-oriented format, and as a pair for joining together in bow-tie format.

Creative 7 generation sticker chart


Here is an example of a 7 generation Creative double bow-tie chart



Heirloom 6 generation right oriented - Old Document


Here is an example of a 6 generation ancestral pedigree Heirloom chart with Old Document background